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Either way, it means things don’t get done. I’m bored with what I’m doing now, and need orders in colors other than blue and white or black and gold. It seems that the SCA marshals have decided that my hand-woven belt favors are not too expensive and want them. Twelve years ago when I first made the crossed swords favors, they were unwilling to pay twenty-five dollars for them. I have not changed the pattern in all these years, and have been pushing the price up. Now they are buying them….I guess that Morgyn is right, they regret not buying the favors at the lower price. I just wish that I didn’t have a run on what ever flavor of marshal badge that I’m lowest in stock of for the next six months.

Does anyone have ideas about new ways for me to take my weaving?


“to sleep, perchance to dream.”

Crossposted from White Wolf & the Phoenix entry on 26 September 2008.

Web site needs updating

Our web site needs updating so that it more user friendly. We have looked into a buy it from the web site system, and will be adding that soon. I would like input as to what you all think should be added or changed. I’m trying to get pictures of current stock put up and pictures of things that have sold removed. I’m not savvy enough to do this my self, and I have to “knock heads” to get the people I have to do this to work with each other and get things done.

Crossposted from White Wolf & the Phoenix entry on 26 September 2008.

Is it art or craft?

This has been a debate I’ve heard argued for as many years as I’ve done science fiction cons. It is usually called fiber arts most other places. I call certain parts of what I do fiber craft and other fiber art.

Most of the inkle woven trim that I make is craft. There is a little thought as to color and pattern, but mostly I’m just following a set of patterns that I have written down, and a set of color rules that are mostly found in heraldry.

My real art is the card weaving. Each belt/stole is planned out to be a mostly one-of-a-kind piece. Any repeats of a set of patterns and colors is unintentional or I’m doing a baldric or simple stole that is an office badge in the SCA or a single pattern at the end with no repeating pattern up the middle.


Crossposted from White Wolf & the Phoenix entry on 8 September 2008.


For linen thread, I suggest going to WEBS and looking under weaving yarns. They have it in 20/2 and 40/2 on 8.8 oz spools. I also get the 20/2 silk from WEBS.

The hand dyed silk is from RedFish DyeWorks. It is 20/2 in 50 gram skiens (450 yds).

I get my pearl cotton from UKI. They have color cards on their web site. Minimum orders to UKI Supreme are 8 cones (usually the cones are 17 to 20 oz.) Let me know what colors you want and how much. If I don’t currently have the color, I will order it.

Wool thread/yarn: look at WEBS, Ursula’s Alcove, JaggerSpun, and Yarn Barn of Kansas.


Crossposted from White Wolf & the Phoenix entry on 5 September 2008.